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Discover the biggest Buddhist temple of South East Asia, located in Medan City, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Explore your way :
– Touch to drag panoramic image
– Move your iPhone around you (with gyroscope enabled in options)
– See in VR with your Google Cardboard (or any others VR Headset)

Enjoy the visit and share the kindness.

Keep in mind that real world visit is truly more impressive,
Temple is awaiting you in Medan city.

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In-Depht Description :
For your convenience,
Switch buttons are located in user interface bar :

– Show / Hide map (map spots are clickable)
– Show / Hide scrolling thumbs gallery to choose your visit
– Show / Hide infos regarding the current panorama

– Compass ( short-touch bring North direction, long-Touch Switch Bottom / Top bar )
– Pause / Resume current sound (there also a Silence mode in Options)
– Show / Hide Options panel

in Options panel :

– You can change language interface
– Turn ON / OFF silence mode (then sound will not resume anymore with a new image)
– Turn ON / OFF Auto-rotation mode (auto-tour)
– Turn ON / OFF Gyroscope mode (move your device to visit instead of touch-dragging image)
– Turn ON / OFF Weather with Snow and rain
– Turn ON / OFF Little Planet projection
– Turn ON / OFF Fisheye Mode to get a wider field of view
– Turn ON / OFF VR Mode to use with with Google cardboard or any VR Headset

Pinch to Zoom on Maps or Panorama

More features and more images to come, stay tuned ! 🙂

What new in version: 1.0.4!

- iOS 11 & iPhone 8 / X Support - Retina Maps - Bug fixes (correct iPhone detection for VR) - UI enhancement (Blur effect added when display infos/control panel for recent GPU) - Removed useless and buggy Yi-ru support - iOS 8 no more supported








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