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The story of the invention of the Solitaire appeared still unknown. There are few different versions in respect of this. But all the versions say that at different times this Patience was connected to “powers that be” and it was always secret of darkness in a halo of mysticism and mystery.

– You can play this Solitaire simply for developing attentiveness or to relax in your spare time.
– You can lay out the solitaire to predict a probability of an event (make a wish and depending on how complete the folding of the chain is will give you the vision of target event probability).
– And, finally, you can play the Solitaire to bring a certain intention to live(determine target card that corresponds to your intention, get the deck folded and unfold it in your real life seep-by-step, card-by-card in the direct order till the target intention appears as far as target card time comes).

The Medici solitaire allows you to get in touch with the Power of the Universe. It can help you to learn how to interact with the forces that shape this world. Folding by suits is a movement in the flow, folding by value is a transition from one stream to another.

What new in version: 1.12!

Added new in-app content. Shop UI was remade. Added game intro. Major and minor fixes.



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