SEQ 5 – Dices

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  • SEQ 5 - Dices
  • SEQ 5 - Dices
  • SEQ 5 - Dices
  • SEQ 5 - Dices
  • SEQ 5 - Dices


Roll the dice to fill the board trying to make a sequence – five chips in a row – up and down, across or diagonally.

This sequence game with dice let you play in 3 modes:

* 1 player – against the computer
* 2 players – play against a friend
* zen – unlike the other modes, in this option your goal is NOT to make a sequence, play as much as you can controlling the 2 players to increase your highscore


In your turn, roll the dice and then place one of your chips on an empty numbered space matching the value of the sum of BOTH rolled dice.

There are some special cases:

* Sum equals to 2 or 12 – get an extra turn – place your chip and then roll the dice again
* Sum equals to 10 – defense turn – remove any of your opponent’s chip
* Sum equals to 11 – you can place a chip in any empty space on the board
* If all the spaces of a given sum are already covered, you can choose any one of those spaces occupied by the opponent, remove that chip and replace it with one of your. If those spaces are all your, end of your turn.

This is a free game.

What new in version: 1.1!

* keep current game when app is deactivated



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