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The NetEco APP is the client software developed by Huawei for managing solar PV plants. It can be installed on smart phones and iPads, thereby helping you learn the running status of PV plants at any time.
System overview: displays alarms, power, and power generation of all PV plants.
PV plant monitoring: displays the PV plant list, and the alarms, power, and power generation of each PV plant.
Inverter monitoring: displays the inverter list, and the alarms, power, and power generation of each inverter.
Statistics charts: allows you to collect statistics on the power, power generation, and income by day, month, and year and displays the statistical results in line charts and bar charts.
PV plant image: allows you to take pictures using mobile phones and upload your favorite picture as the background picture of a PV plant.
App support Chinese, English, French, German, japanese. App language follow system language.

What new in version: 1.2.4!

Optimize performance and fix bugs.



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