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Zeeshan Shafqat
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Are you one of those who love train games? Do you have the skills and courage to rush trains through hills covered with snow, steep mountains, difficult tracks and dangerous locations in extreme winter? Fasten your seat belt and gear yourself up as your love for exciting and realistic high-speed train games has excited us to make this ultimate train driving simulator in which you get a chance to drive train to transport oil. 

Iron Wheels offers you to drive cargo train to pick up fuel from petrol station depot and deliver oil cargo on different uphill fuel stations. Drive long heavy trains with an oil tanker attached to it to top of mountains. Maneuver your train on dangerous routes as one wrong move can blow your vehicle into pieces. Test your nerves with limited time, multiple missions and curvy tracks, all adding up for a challenging and addictive transport game for a train driver.

Build your driving, parking and transportation skills with this top-notch oil transport train simulator. Play and challenge yourself in levels during hill driving. Follow the on-screen map and speed up your groundbreaking train. Avoid crashes, scratches and smashes to maximize your thrill ten-fold! Most importantly, don’t forget to try all the models and multiple options to customize your steering. Practice caution, alertness, and accuracy!

• Realistic driving experience of heavy transporter train with oil tanker
• Engaging missions
• Simple and intuitive controls
• Marvelous 3D Graphics
• Different camera angles to explore
• Unique cargo train and oil tanker train physics
• Surreal visual and sound effects for extreme fun
So, are you ready to survive the challenges of this 3D magic adventure? Download Iron Wheels game. Push on the throttle, steer long train and supply oil at all destinations in time limit.

What new in version: 1.0!



Zeeshan Shafqat





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