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  • Digital African Health Library
  • Digital African Health Library
  • Digital African Health Library
  • Digital African Health Library


The Digital African Health Library is an integrated point-of-care resource that provides evidence-based, locally relevant decision support and health information which is shown to lead to more informed patient care.

It provides the following features:
It’s Valuable! It combines integrated single search of DynaMed integrated clinical information, the British National Formulary, Oxford handbooks, Comprehensive Advanced Life Support emergency care guidelines, the Africa Health Journal (CME) and country-specific clinical healthcare guidelines as they are made available to us. All this material that combines relevance, validity and value.

RHealth Advisor is a differential diagnosis tool cross-checking and matching patient’s symptoms to disease. It has been optimized to prioritize and rank diseases prevalent within Sub Saharan Africa

Powerful Features – Extremely flexible and multi-platform feature based app for simple and sophisticated medical environments.

Smartphone – Flexible design that fits on all smart devices for seamless use.

Single Search – You can search the entire resource database availed to you from a single spot making the app all the more easier to use.

Evidence Based – With thorough research made into the project, the app provides unique evidence-based medical information for better decision making processes.

Offline Use – Once downloaded to your device, no internet connection is required (except RHealth Advisor) to access the app’s powerful features and functionality making it thoroughly flexible in any environment.

Periodic Updates – You can enjoy new features through periodic updates to new editions of resources.

The Digital African Health Library is a primary care support Initiative of the Institute of Family Medicine (INFA-MED – Nairobi) in collaboration with the University of Nairobi and with past support from the Government of Canada through Grand Challenges Canada and the University of Calgary.

What new in version: 1.0.1!



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