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“ARFisher” is a powerful AR App which use Augmented Reality technology that can quickly identify, around you through the door and you can unlock the doors of seabed exploration anytime and anywhere, imagine the undersea creatures around you to show the feeling of swimming in the real envrionment which is full of fun and merriment!


– Walk through the door: by using the new AR technology, you will appear in the underwater world that let you dive into the deep sea and 360 degree show amazing undersea world and give you a new experience which you never feel.

– Panoramic sea world: not only provide you with the mystery of the Atlantic Ocean, but also you can open the Pacific Ocean, depth explore the differences of the underwater world, as well as differences in Marine life.

– Innovation fishing mode: let you be in the exploration of underwater world and open the function of catching fish which realize the close interaction with different kinds of fish, each fish has the detailed introduction which can help you to learn Marine resources;

– Fish collection mode: bring the fish to your aquarium and view and feed them at any time, you can open your own aquarium, and show your collection to your friends anytime and anywhere and you can also start the interaction with your collections!

– Learning through experience: allows you to interact with the family and children and understand the ocean world, immersive with the diversification of scene experience and get comprehensive knowledge of the oceans and sea creatures;

What new in version: 1.1.5!








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