Alphabet Learning Game AR

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  • Alphabet Learning Game AR
  • Alphabet Learning Game AR
  • Alphabet Learning Game AR
  • Alphabet Learning Game AR
  • Alphabet Learning Game AR


Your child’s education matters a lot. That is why we are here with a mind
blowing educational game for your child. This game is totally free to
download. If you are looking for an game which helps your child learning
Alphabets in the most fun & smartest way then “Alphabet Learning game”
is your thing. This game turns your phone into a Baby Mobile. The most
amazing part of this game is that it is based on the most trending
technology “Augmented Reality”.

Yes You heard it right. “Alphabet Learning game” is the best Augmented
Reality game for your kids. Your kids can learn Alphabets and have fun at
the same time. This is the most smartest way to make your child learn from
the very initial level of its age. Your kids can be updated with the latest
technology as well as learn Alphabets visually. This game creates real
environment & excitement for your kids to learn things as fast as possible
with fun.

As mentioned, this game is based on AR. It shows Alphabets and related
animal starts from that particular alphabet on the screen. You need to move
your phone and it will continue to show Alphabets with animals from A-Z. It
is a super fun game for your kids along with cool sound effect. Once you
download the app, there is no need to use internet to play this game. In
short, you can play it offline to once you download the app in your smart
So this is really the best ever “Alphabet Learning game” made on
Augmented Reality just to provide your kids pleasure while learning in their
early age. Download the most entertaining education app for your kids and
make their learning stage as special as possible.

What new in version: 1.0!



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